Web Building

Web development with a focus on grassroots social justice work.

Manage your own content!

I've focused mostly on installing Content Management Systems (CMS), and have been able to help individuals and organizations largely shed their dependency on web designers and techies, so that groups can cut straight to the crucial work of organizing. Add content like adding email, or updating your blog.

Once the site is designed and set up, the site owner can just log in to edit and add content, no knowledge of html or other coding necessary.


The majority of sites built at multi.lectical use Drupal, an incredibly flexible CMS with a large base of developers and users. This means tens of thousands of people out there working to constantly make Drupal better and safer. Using drupal will give you a very user friendly, well supported and attractive web site.


CIVICRM is a powerful, web-based contact relationship management (CRM) system. It allows organizations to manage information about constituents, donors, grants and other organizations using a web interface. CIVICRM includes modules for handling fundraising, targeted mailings, door knocking campaigns, community outreach, case management, surveys, petitions and more. It's an excellent tool for organizations and projects trying to organize themselves and make sense of all their disparate data.

Get in touch for CIVICRM installs, configuration, updates, integration with your website and trainings!


Accounts on the multilectical server come with a control panel, giving you easy access to email accounts, databases, your files and more.

Server accounts include Cpanel, phpmyadmin, php, mysql, access to web stats and more.


Contract me for important drupal security updates and combine web hosting with knowing your drupal installation is as safe as possible from hackers and malicious scripts!

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