Low Income Solar Workshop

A power point for a workshop i did at the 2009 Allied Media Conference and the Hush House in Detroit as well at West Philly High.
The idea was to show some DIY alternatives that could work for struggling people who are either squatting or live in their own homes. It shows several examples of different solar setups which were all built either for nothing or on a shoestring. Following the AMC, i hooked up with the Hush House and built a solar heat collector from materials collected from abandoned buildings in the neighborhood.

LAVA air heater

A simple solar air heater built by myself and Steph 99 on the back wall of a south facing wall at LAVA. The ducts for this invention have unfortunately been drywalled over. Nevertheless, it's a simple concept based on the this article in Home Power magazine.

Solar Media Van

I recently helped Laura and Carlos with the tail end of installing a solar setup in Laura's media van.  She uses her van as a mobile studio to do workshops and presentations on video editing with the aim of enhancing community organizing efforts around Philly. The panels will power a couple laptops and some other video gear. Check out her site: messages in motion

Germantown Solar

An exciting weekend at the Germantown farm building a solar shower.