One morning in the chester house kitchen!

3 prisoners who forecast their own "suicides"

by dave onion with reporting by Andalusia Knoll

From May 30 through June 1st, hundreds converged on Temple University for STOPMAX, a conference focusing on solitary confinement in US prisons. For a few days, former prisoners, their families and loved ones and others, mostly folks already doing organizing in some way related to supermax prisons or control units brushed shoulders, shared experiences and generally exchanged ideas, tactics and visions for what many of us want to see emerge as a renewed prison movement to end Control Unit torture.
On the morning of Friday, June 13th, 2008, Philadelphia police entered a Ridge Avenue home without a warrant and arrested four Philadelphia community members and dear friends – Daniel Moffat, Trevor Burgess, Andrea, and Jennifer Rock. These residents were pulled from their home at 1652 Ridge Avenue, arrested, and detained without charges at the Ninth District for over twelve hours.
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It’s now been ten years since we first started publishing this paper.

The title of Angela Davis’ book Are Prisons Obsolete (2003) sounds nothing short of utopian. Here in the US, as Davis points out, prisons are integral to everyday life.

All over the news end of November last year was the murder of Sean Bell by the NYPD. It was his wedding night and the unarmed Bell was gunned down by 50 shots from plainclothes police.

by dave onion

On February 18th 2005, a contingent of anarchists from Rio's anarchist federation (FARJ or Federaco Anarquista do Rio de Janeiro)made our way to Olga Benario Prestes, a squatted piece of land on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro to participate in their 2nd year anniversary and victory celebration.