Comradely Nodes

Free Salim!
Robert Saleem Holbrook, politicized prisoner from Philly. His site containing his writings and galleries.

Tax Report

Taxes and vandalism.

Decarcerate PA
You think it's crazy the State locks up more and more people all the time, while increasingly screwing poor people on all fronts?

radicante media

A media cooperative I'm mixed up with.

radicante media

Philadelphia Police Department Wikipedia Editing Project
Consider spontaneously volunteering with this spontaneous expetriment in historical correction.

Steal This Hijab
Gender, rebellion, islamic feminism. You've read Solidarity and its Discontents? Well, it came from here!

Philly Indymedia
An old friend.

Art Jail
A common sense solution to combing ecological sensibilities, high art, mass youth incarceration in Philadelphia.

Property Undone
A "digital reply to” or a “digital undoing of” another short work, called Property : None"

From perspective of a bird, a mole? Emily Abendroth musing on thoughts derived from typed reports of prison administrative staff on intake cards at Eastern State Penitentiary.

Maroon Shoatz
One of our oldest political prisoners, mentors, freedom fighter.

Guerrilla War USA
A map of some tactical strikes against the empire (back in the day)

ubu web
Recommended source for weird films and sounds.

Libertarian Communist site. A good resource for important texts by our bearded elders.


Deleuze, Herzog, Kafka, Foucault, Lukacs, Marx, Chaucer, etc.

Get Art Off Our Backs
Another weird art project from the creator of the art jail.