Max Rameau from Take Back the Land

November 25, 2011

Take Back the Land Banners

Cheers to my compas for pulling together another solid speaking event last night. Luckily I caught some of it on my "tape", albeit with less than exciting sound quality. It's going to be an exciting month coming up with housing and land takeovers across the US.

First Galen from KWRU and PPEHRC breaks down what housing crisis and some of the work his organizations have been doing, including their caravan to the United States Social Forum and their ongoing housing takeovers in North Philly:

Max Rameau from Take Back the Land eloquently breaks down why he thinks land is the root issue. If you've seen him speak before, you'll know he loves to break down the dialectical clash:

Finally some folks in the audience engage the speakers verballly:

ps: I recommend you crank up the volume with these

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