Nine Twenty Nine

November 30, 2015

Among the most exciting of recent old friends reconnected with via facebook are my old band mates from Nine Twenty Nine from my stint in Colorado Springs. Our drummer Ken-e friended me and hit me with the link to most of our best recordings i remember. Nine Twenty Nine made some rough years in Colorado Springs pretty amazing. We were part of a small number of punk bands that helped revive a then dormant punk scene in the city. Our shows included typical basements, college shows, some great shows at the Annex and Underground (in pic) but also a birthday at the Air Force Academy and a battle of the bands turned riot at a bougie hotel.

We were all very different people, from different backgrounds, classes and life experiences. Somehow we clicked amazingly together and were able to put out some great music.

That's me on left with hair over my face. Nine twenty nine split up the night of the fall of the Berlin wall. By far my best days in that city over twenty years ago now.

The Difference

the first time i saw your face your clear blank eyes gave away anger filling you inside

you were very strange your words made little sense but i wanted to know our differences didn't stand in the way

your life was messed up then you had to go away it made me wonder what you had done

you've got to listen to yourself and realize your pain take a chance , never grow up if you know what you want go out and get it!

you wanted to meet me too you saw me in the right way i never thought that you and i would be the same you're better now than you were back then!

Never Before

  • The Difference:

  • Nothing to Do:

  • Corruption:

  • Security Illusion:

Live At 7:30

From some show at the Underground bar:

The Lamp.:

The Difference.:

Cardboard World.:


Nothing To Do


Napalm Beach.:

Security Illusion.:

Mindless Masses.:


Friends vs Friends.:

Over the Edge.:

Freedom Limited.:

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