Extinction Rebellion: Not the Struggle we Need, Pt. 1

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The first of a three-part critique of Extinction Rebellion, focussing on their attitudes towards the police, legal system and prison.

The police are not going to be won over by polite chats, but will continue to be the enemy of the struggle we so desperately need. By working with them, Extinction Rebellion show themselves not to be that struggle.

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The Destruction of Nature - Anton Pannekoek

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This early article by the renown socialist scholar, as well as respected astronomer, Anton Pannekoek, goes a long way to dispel the idea that socialists have held a very productivist view about mankind's relationship with the environment. It deserves a wide circulation within the ecology movement.

A rational social order will have to use the available natural resources in such a way that what is consumed is replaced at the same time.. In today’s economic order.. it is not the clothing, food or cultural needs of humanity that govern production, but capital’s appetite for profit, for gold.

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Mutu: rethinking our radical media

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Is anarchist media in Britain doing enough to promote struggle and radical ideas? How could we be doing things differently? A look at the French Mutu Network can provide ideas about how to create a radical media rooted in our communities and struggles for a better world.

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