Soumaila Sacko: the murder of a migrant union activist in Italy

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On June 2 Soumaila Sacko, a migrant agricultural worker from Mali, was brutally murdered in San Calogero in Italy. He was shot in the head while gathering aluminium to rebuild the shantytown on the outskirts of San Ferdinando, where over four thousand seasonal workers live during harvest season, in overpopulated shack and tents, amidst garbage, plastic and rubber.

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Shut it Down! On The Recent AT&T Strikes

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What the AT&T strike wave means – and the next steps in developing a direct action workers movement in North America

But what will it take to win against this Death Star of a corporation? We need a direct action workers movement, directly controlled by its members, willing to spread the struggle beyond the shackles of labor law, and beyond the confines of the contract.

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Solidarity demo called after tenant assaulted at home by dodgy estate agents son

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Following the assault of a Brighton Solidarity Federation member by Youngs Estate Agents owner David Pay, the tenant at the centre of the dispute was assaulted in his own home by Pay's son, Oliver, who had forcefully entered the premises. In response to these attempts at intimidation, Brighton Solfed are organising a solidarity protest this Saturday.

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Angela Nagle's Plagiarise Any Nonsense

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As with many other members of the left-wing pundit class, Angela Nagle has been getting a lot more attention than she deserves. As a result, we recently stumbled upon some very questionable sourcing in Kill All Normies, which in one case was used as the basis of one of her central arguments in the book.

You could mock the alphabet soup of groups like the CPB, CPGB and CPGB-ML, but if you then added in the CPGB-ML Naglean-Brezhnevist split as an example of an actual group based on someone putting it in their twitter bio in 2017 for a week, no-one would take you seriously. Mike Harman

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