What does “climate emergency” mean? Let’s define that OUTSIDE parliament

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The UK parliament declares a "climate emergency" while supporting Heathrow airport expansion, fracking, and fossil fuel subsidies. We need to make our own decisions about what the emergency is and how to deal with it

We are here because a small group of schoolchildren decided to walk out of school to take a stand against climate change Faisal Rashid, a Labour MP

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Schwartzbard, Shalom (1886-1938)

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Short biography of Jewish anarchist poet and participant in both 1905 and 1917 Russian revolutions Shalom Schwartzbard, who carried out a revenge assassination of a leading anti-Semitic pogromist in Paris.

This for the pogroms; this for the massacres; this for the victims. Shalom Schwartzbard, as he shot the anti-Semitic Symon Petliura.

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1958 Notting Hill race riots

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Ron Ramdin's history on the 1958 Notting Hill 'race riots', which saw mass racial violence last for several days over a wide area of West London as groups of white people, often Teddy Boys or individuals linked to far-right organisations, would attack black individuals as they walked through the streets or sometimes even at their homes.

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Socialist Dog Catchers (or Presidents) Won’t Save Us

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With Bernie Sanders entering the race to be the Democratic candidate for the 2020 election, Pádraig Sinjun discusses whether diverting resources from grassroots struggles to electoral campaigning is really the way to pursue class struggle.

Instead of “a socialist in every office” much more interesting would be a union in every workplace. A tenant union in every building. A mass assembly in every neighborhood. These are the building blocks for winning victories now and the foundation for a society beyond capitalism and the state. Pádraig Sinjun

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Bradford 12: Self-Defence is No Offence

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Anandi Ramamurthy's history of the Bradford 12 trial, in which twelve members of the United Black Youth League were arrested on conspiracy charges for preparing to defend their community from fascists. Ramamurthy places the trial in the context of the urban riots which swept Britain in the summer of 1981 as well as detailing the solidarity campaign, their bold legal defence and eventual acquittal.

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Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto - Bernard Goldstein

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Memoirs of life in the Warsaw ghetto from Bernard Goldstein, leader of the Jewish Labour Bund, recounting his underground activities in Nazi-occupied Warsaw such as how he (and the rest of his group) smuggled food, clothing and, eventually, arms into the Jewish ghetto in preparation for one of the most significant anti-Nazi uprisings during World War Two.

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Marek Edelman

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First-hand account of the 1943 Warsaw ghetto uprising, and the increasingly inhumane living conditions imposed on the ghetto by the Nazis in the years leading up to it, told by Marek Edelman, member of the socialist Jewish Labour Bund and co-founder of the Polish anti-Nazi resistance group, the Jewish Combat Organization (ŻOB).

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Emerging conflicts in the Asian Youth Movements

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Anandi Ramamurthy analyses the emerging divisions within the Asian Youth Movements around the issue of state funding. One faction opted to accept and was slowly absorbed into the functioning of the local state apparatus as individuals made careers for themselves in the Labour Party. Meanwhile, the other faction split off to form the United Black Youth League, opting instead for a more militant path.

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5 times Sabate proved he was Franco’s Public Enemy No. 1

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The life of Francesc Sabaté Llopart, aka ‘El Quico’, reads like the story of an anarchist action film: participating in the Spanish Civil War, the anti-Nazi resistance in France and armed struggle against Franco, Sabaté carried out assassinations of fascists, illegal border crossings across the Pyrenees and armed robberies to fund the resistance.

We are not robbers, we are libertarian resistance fighters. ... We are people who have never and will never beg for what is ours. So long as we have the strength to do so we shall fight for the freedom of the Spanish working class. Francesc Sabaté Llopart aka 'El Quico'

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