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The Capitalist Nature Of The Great Leap Forward

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A Libertarian Communist analysis of the Great Leap Forward under Mao Tse-Tung and the Chinese Communists which aims to show that the Great Leap Forward was a capitalist project rather than a socialist, or communist one.

The GLR and it’s miseries were the product of developing capitalism and it’s crises, not the bloodthirsty nature, or economic failure of communism.

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‘Out of control’ Home Office should have been in the dock, not us: Stansted 15 respond to guilty verdict

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The Stansted 15 protesters, who stopped a government deportation flight from taking off in March last year, have today been found guilty of breaching terror laws.

As the Stansted 15 face their own purgatory... I will be praying that they are shown leniency. Without their actions I would have missed my daughter’s birth, and faced the utter injustice of being deported from this country without having my now successful appeal heard. Someone who was saved from deportation as a result of the action

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The Yellow Vests’ protests cause traffic jams in west-London warehouses

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A friend of ours works in a small warehouse in west-London that organises shipments between the UK and the British Virgin Islands. Recently conveyor parts deliveries were delayed by road blockades in France, organised by people who protest against the diesel tax increase. But not only that, they were also delayed by the cumbersome sub-contractor system within the logistics chain. The chains are weak, let’s lose them! Here is his story...

Only when things (or workers!) don’t work, we realise how we are all connected...

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The 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe

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In-depth article looking at the systematic preparations that were made for the ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 Palestinians from what would become Israel in 1948. The article highlights, among other things, the 'Village Files' project between 1940-47, which involved the systematic compilation of maps and intelligence on Arab villages and a series of military plans culminating in Plan Dalet, according to which the 1948 war was fought.


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