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Black anarchism: a reader

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Excellent pamphlet from Black Rose Anarchist Federation compiling the writings of black anarchists such as Lucy Parsons and Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin to less well-known activists from the USA, Africa and Latin America, highlighting the contribution of black people to both the historical and contemporary anarchist movement.

Anarchism, like anything else, finds a radical new meaning when it meets blackness. Hannibal Abdul Shakur

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The Deliveroo riders' movement in France

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Steven, a member of the CLAP, a collective of independant riders in Paris, is speaking at the Summer University of the NPA (Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste) in August 2017.

The whole thing was a big success, many people participated, and this happened in a sector which is so precarious and so atomized - many young people from the banlieues, students, in the middle of August. Steve, deliveroo rider, Paris

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Interview: 100 days of the Kenya nurses strike

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Nurses in Kenya have been on strike for more than 100 days. The government has declared the strike illegal and started sacking nurses. Nurses have continued their action despite this, with an almost total shutdown of public hospitals across Kenya and demonstrations weekly. Mike Harman interviewed Nahashon, one of the nurses on strike, for

All of the public hospitals in Kenya have been affected by this strike, all the wards have been deserted, hospital doors have also been locked since there are no nurses to offer their services to the patients. Nahashon

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