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Angela Nagle's Plagiarise Any Nonsense

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As with many other members of the left-wing pundit class, Angela Nagle has been getting a lot more attention than she deserves. As a result, we recently stumbled upon some very questionable sourcing in Kill All Normies, which in one case was used as the basis of one of her central arguments in the book.

You could mock the alphabet soup of groups like the CPB, CPGB and CPGB-ML, but if you then added in the CPGB-ML Naglean-Brezhnevist split as an example of an actual group based on someone putting it in their twitter bio in 2017 for a week, no-one would take you seriously. Mike Harman

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Theses on Bolshevism - Rudolf Sprenger

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Rudolf Sprenger's 1934 critique of the Bolsheviks and their role in the 1917 Russian Revolution, arguing they were ultimately a movement of bourgeois revolution in a predominantly peasant country and therefore not only unserviceable as a revolutionary practice for the international working class, but also one of its heaviest and most dangerous impediments.

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Another vision of sport: Palestre Populari in Italy, an interview with CoNaSP red gym trainers

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A report from Brighton Anti-Fascists on their meetings with trainers from two of Italy's 'red gyms', part of the National Coordination of Popular Sport (CoNaSP), on their activities in the community, how they got started and why popular sport is important.

You need both squaddism and community organizing, if one excludes the other it is partial. Force without mass movement does not allow others to get involved. Antifascism then starts to seem like something that is only carried out by militants Luigi, trainer at Palestra Populare Palermo.

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