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The Destruction of Nature - Anton Pannekoek

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This early article by the renown socialist scholar, as well as respected astronomer, Anton Pannekoek, goes a long way to dispel the idea that socialists have held a very productivist view about mankind's relationship with the environment. It deserves a wide circulation within the ecology movement.

A rational social order will have to use the available natural resources in such a way that what is consumed is replaced at the same time.. In today’s economic order.. it is not the clothing, food or cultural needs of humanity that govern production, but capital’s appetite for profit, for gold.

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Mutu: rethinking our radical media

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Is anarchist media in Britain doing enough to promote struggle and radical ideas? How could we be doing things differently? A look at the French Mutu Network can provide ideas about how to create a radical media rooted in our communities and struggles for a better world.

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Mao's China and After: A History of the People's Republic - Maurice Meisner

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Fantastic in-depth critical history of the failure of China's 'transition to socialism', analysing the degree to which it lived up to its egalitarian rhetoric as it navigated the uneasy relationships between democracy and bureaucracy, socialism and capitalism.

the fact of the matter is that the Communist state, far from being an obstacle to Chinese capitalism, has been its essential agent and promoter. Maurice Meisner

Why don’t strikes achieve more?

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An article from the Organizing Work blog examining the limitations of high-profile disputes such as the Stop-n-Shop strike, published as part of their "Reconsidering the Strike" series.

Unions tend to minimize the damage, so as not to demoralize workers or shake their faith in the union. However, if we keep calling losses (or pyrrhic victories) wins, we may lose the ability to discern wins and losses, and the difference. Organizing Work

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WCH Crime E01: The Columbia Eagle mutiny

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Working Class History are delighted to be launching the first season of our new occasional podcast, WCH Crime, where true crime meets the struggle for a better world. Our first series is about the Columbia Eagle mutiny in 1970, perhaps the most spectacular act of resistance to the Vietnam war, when two sailors hijacked their ship transporting thousands of tonnes of napalm for US forces, and sailed it to Cambodia. But they never could have predicted what would happen next...

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Maroon is in the Hospital

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Russell “Maroon” Shoatz was seen today in the prison infirmary where he was lucid, able to speak, but complained of nausea, abdominal pain and was unable to keep any liquids or food down. He was seen by the doctor where the decision was made to send him to a hospital for diagnostic testing. The head nurse at SCI Dallas has been very cooperative and has kept the family informed regarding his condition. Maroon is unable to make calls, receive emails or have any visits. The family is also working with Maroon’s legal counsel.

The family is asking that you keep his spirits up once he returns to SCI Dallas by sending get well letters to the address listed below.

Smart Communications/PADOC SCI Dallas Russell Shoats AF3856 PO Box 33028 St. Petersburg FL. 33733

What does “climate emergency” mean? Let’s define that OUTSIDE parliament

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The UK parliament declares a "climate emergency" while supporting Heathrow airport expansion, fracking, and fossil fuel subsidies. We need to make our own decisions about what the emergency is and how to deal with it

We are here because a small group of schoolchildren decided to walk out of school to take a stand against climate change Faisal Rashid, a Labour MP

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