Tendrils of Trouble

It's my first exhibit!

John Bell Speaks
A great interview of John Bell talking about learning and struggling through race dynamics with comrades from ACT UP.
The Life and Family of William Penn ~ Over 260 Years Of Bloody Colonialism
Jim Mcneil A recent radical history talk by the Bristol Radical History Group!!
Urgent Support Needed for Colima Community

My close compa Emily recent sent out this tendril of solidarity for a Salvadoran community she's close to which was recently hit hard by a hurricane.

Private Public Commons

From the first weeks of Occupy Philly an announcement for a workshop I helped pull together:

Solar Media Van

I recently helped Laura and Carlos with the tail end of installing a solar setup in Laura's media van.  She uses her van as a mobile studio to do workshops and presentations on video editing with the aim of enhancing community organizing efforts around Philly. The panels will power a couple laptops and some other video gear. Check out her site: messages in motion

The Mayor and The Police Are Not Our Friends: A Letter to Occupy Philly

As organizers and activists in the city of Philadelphia, we’re excited to find ourselves caught up in this vibrant new movement.

Germantown Solar

An exciting weekend at the Germantown farm building a solar shower.
Rednecks with Guns and other anti-racist stories and strategies

Following the election of Obama, many folks involved with a spectrum of different anti-racist work were left dumbfounded by the rise of the aggressive and often explicitly racist white Tea Party movement.

Nine Twenty Nine

Among the most exciting of recent old friends reconnected with via facebook are my old band mates from Nine Twenty Nine from my stint in Colorado Springs.

Autonomous communities
A quick background about autonomy and autonomous movements.
West Philly Uprising

 On September 3rd police approached Askia Sabur in the doorway of a Chinese Restaurant at 55th and Landsdown where he was waiting for food.

breakfast with penelope
One morning in the chester house kitchen!
Abuse and Deaths at SCI Smithfield

3 prisoners who forecast their own "suicides"

by dave onion with reporting by Andalusia Knoll

Hundreds gather against Control Unit torture at Temple University
From May 30 through June 1st, hundreds converged on Temple University for STOPMAX, a conference focusing on solitary confinement in US prisons. For a few days, former prisoners, their families and loved ones and others, mostly folks already doing organizing in some way related to supermax prisons or control units brushed shoulders, shared experiences and generally exchanged ideas, tactics and visions for what many of us want to see emerge as a renewed prison movement to end Control Unit torture.
Raid On Gilbert’s Shoes Demystified
On the morning of Friday, June 13th, 2008, Philadelphia police entered a Ridge Avenue home without a warrant and arrested four Philadelphia community members and dear friends – Daniel Moffat, Trevor Burgess, Andrea, and Jennifer Rock. These residents were pulled from their home at 1652 Ridge Avenue, arrested, and detained without charges at the Ninth District for over twelve hours.
Looking back on a decade of throwing power out the window
defenestrator cover #39

It’s now been ten years since we first started publishing this paper.

Are Prisons Obsolete

The title of Angela Davis’ book Are Prisons Obsolete (2003) sounds nothing short of utopian. Here in the US, as Davis points out, prisons are integral to everyday life.